Have you wondered if there would ever be a day where individuals would be able to move objects by using only their thoughts? Researchers of the Minnesota College of Science and Engineering have invented a new way to help the lives of individuals who are disabled simply by a noninvasive technique also known as electroencephalography. The researchers use a remote controlled robot (in a helicopter form) containing a camera on the front side which has full ability to move in all directions. This robot is controlled by non other than a human brain. Professor Bin He explains in the article, “Helicopter Takes to the Skies with the Power of Human Thought”, “Our study shows that for the first time, humans are able to control the flight of flying robots using just their thoughts, sensed by noninvasive brain waves.” In order for this to work, the controller (human) must imagine the robot moving which triggers specific neurons in the brains motor cortex leading for electric currents to take place. Currents are detected by electrodes in an EEG cap which then will send signals to the computer. Next the computer will translate the signal pattern into a command to the robot via wifi. If the controller imagines raising up their right hand the robot will move right, if the controller imagines raising up their left hand the robot will move left, and if the controller imagines raising both hands, the robot will move up. Professor Bin He states, “This computer/brain interface technology is all about helping people with a disability or various neurodegenerative diseases to help them regain mobility, independence, and enhanced performance. We envision they will use this technology to help control wheelchairs, artificial limbs or other devices,” on a Youtube Video “Mind Over Mechanics.”This new type of technology will benefit many and should really be considered to those whom are in need.

imagesThe image above shows specifically where the EEG cap’s sensors are connected to on a diagram of a human brain.

images (2)The image above demonstrates what an actual EEG cap looks like on a human.

images (1) The image above demonstrates the waves leaving the humans brain through the sensors on the EEG cap eventually in this case, going to the computer.

130605090259-large The image above is an actual picture of the experiment taking place. The helicopter-like robot is flying through rings by the imagination of the participant wearing the EEG cap.


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